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Philosophy of treatment

Releasing the statue from the stone...extracting the inner potential of the human being.

With over 50 years of compassionate experience, Dr. Pressman has developed and refined what he affirms is a Spiritual Psychotherapy. This combines the best of traditional western practices with the high and powerful regions of the mind. Through this approach you will discover your hidden hooks and hang-ups of learned inhabitions as well as identify those scars left over from previous emotional injuries. By finding and respecting the natural bouyancy of the soul, you will release those hooks, hang-ups and scars and find the hidden powers of the higher mind...the spiritual mind...the Supermind. This is not a religious approach but one which leads to releasing the best in you and in humankind.

About Dr. Pressman

Throughout his career, Dr. Pressman has examined the potential of the human mind and soul. His continued explorations within traditional psychiatry, holistic-spiritual psychotherapy and eastern philosophies has proven to be a wonderfully successful alternative to the sometimes limiting constraints of traditional western psychiatry.

His extensive list of case studies outline the most difficult issues faced by many of his patients... sucessfully treating patients when traditional western psychiatry practices and medicines had little impact, if at all. Continue...

Book: Twin Souls by Patricia Joudry and Dr. Maurie Pressman, MD
Book: Visions From the Soul by Dr. Maurie Pressman, MD
Book: Living in the Supermind by Dr. Maurie Pressman, MD
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